it's not a secret.

One of my main focuses is education. I've been teaching at local universities and art schools since 2014, and I started leading free community workshops in 2017. I started doing that because, I know if local entrepreneurs understand the importance of brand strategy they can build stronger, longer lasting businesses. This is the process we teach, and use on a daily basis.


What makes you the most different when compared to your competition? What are your customers looking for you to provide them? You can figure this out usually with some brainstorming. You have to be open to defining a focus. Remember you can't do everything for everybody. Your focus makes your brand stronger and makes your message clear to your customer. This is how you start to build trust.


Voice, personality, call it what you want. If you are a one person operation often the voice of your brand is your voice. Whether you are a company of one or a thousand, defining the voice of your brand is an important step toward consistency. Successful brands speak in a way that connects to their customer, makes them feel comfortable and continues building that trust.

Keep It

Consistency is magic. If you go through the first two steps, and are working with your focus and voice as a guide, consistency comes easily. When you are putting out a consistent message in a consistent voice, you create an authentic brand. That consistency and authenticity creates the trust your customers need to choose you over your competition. We all do business with the brands we trust the most. Brands that we feel comfortable with.


The branding process gives you an outline, a brand book, a guide, whatever you want to call it. It's a framework for your brand. It can be passed off to new employees, designers, anyone that is going to work for your brand and help you create content. Brand is where we start, once we have this guide in hand, that's when we start designing logos, building websites, shooting promo videos, etc.

We know most businesses don't start with branding, but it's something you can jump into whenever you need to. If things aren't working out, if your customers are confused about what exactly you do, chances are you need some focus. Let's talk.

We'd love to chat about your company, your brand, your musical preferences... Get in touch, let's chat.

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